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Segway se-3 patroller

SE-3 Patroller


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main advantages of the SE-3 Patroller over current market offerings?

The Segway SE-3 has several advantages, primary among these are safety features such as rider detect and anti-rollover technology, enhanced terrain and ramp capability, the ability to travel in reverse and "charge anywhere" technology that extends range while in the field. And because it is built by Segway, it's a high-quality, reliable product that is supported by our extensive service network.

What are some reasons police/security may choose the three-wheel SE-3 Patroller over the traditional PT?

Compared to the i2 SE and x2 SE Patrollers, the SE-3 Patroller is meant for those missions specifically requiring a larger vehicle, a more obvious security presence without a rider aboard, or where an officer must frequently mount and dismount the vehicle.

What is the price?

The US MSRP is $12,999.

What is the battery range of the SE-3 Patroller?

Range is dependent on many factors including terrain, riding style, payload and tire pressure to name a few. With both hot-swappable batteries and “charge anywhere” technology that allows you to top-off at any standard outlet, range can be extended indefinitely.

What's the process to swap out the battery module and how long does it take?

To change the battery module, simply flip 2 latches and slide it out. Slide in a fully charged battery module and secure the latches. The whole process takes less than a minute.

What impact will accessories have on the batteries?

While many accessories may be powered through the 12V power outlet by the SE-3’s batteries, the effect on range depends upon the accessory and how it is used.

Does the SE-3 Patroller take one or multiple batteries?

The SE-3 Patroller uses one battery module which consists of two 24V battery packs unlike the Segway PT, which uses two separate 72V battery packs.

Are the batteries Lithium-ion?


Can extra battery modules be ordered?


Is the SE-3 Patroller self balancing?

No, the SE-3 does not employ the Segway PT’s dynamic stabilization technology. It is statically stable on 3 contact points.

What types of inclines can the SE-3 Patroller handle?

We conducted extensive ride testing on our test track which includes a 15 degree incline - steeper than any street or auto ramp - and have had no problems.

Is the speed intelligently throttled going up/down slopes like the Segway PT?

No, speed is not governed on inclines.

What is the maximum speed and can it be limited like the Segway PT?

The default maximum speed is 15 mph. Yes, the maximum speed can be limited to 8, 10, and 12.5 mph as well. Extensive interviews with public safety officers confirmed there is no reason to travel faster than 15 mph on the SE-3 Patroller — and most would want to set it lower

Is there any power regeneration when going downhill or braking?

No, unlike on the Segway PT the motors do not contribute to braking, so there is no regenerative braking.

Is there a turning radius change at higher speeds or is it mechanical turning?

The SE-3 Patroller features mechanical turning, however, there is anti-rollover technology that reduces motor torque when the vehicle is turning quickly.

Is there any suspension?

There is no traditional suspension, but the SE-3 Patroller has a large, low-pressure front tire and a cushioned comfort mat on the riding platform.

If a rider gets off the unit, does it automatically turn off?

No, but the throttle is disabled if no rider is present.

Does the SE-3 make noise going forward? Some think EVs need to make noise.

The SE-3 Patroller is fairly quiet. There is a siren and pedestrian alert if needed. Of course, rider courtesy, safe driving, and awareness of surroundings are preferable to a loud noise that warns pedestrians to step aside.

What type of key does the SE-3 use?

Unlike the Segway PT and its InfoKey, the SE-3 Patroller uses a standard metal key.

Can it be keyed alike for large agencies?

If there is genuine interest from a large agency to do this, we will consider it.

Can you add accessories, like cameras, to the SE-3?

Yes, the Accessory Bar and 12V power outlet will support several off-the-shelf accessories that may be mounted on the SE-3 Patroller. As always, we look for feedback from our customers as we expand our offerings for increased utility.

Any plans for an armored shield?

There are no plans for an armored shield at this time.

Is there a yelp or siren sound?

Yes, there is a chirp and siren.

Does the SE-3 have a driving light?

Yes, there is a high intensity forward-facing LED light

Any plans for a consumer version?

At this time, there are no plans for a consumer version of the SE-3 Patroller.

Is the SE-3 Patroller street legal within the US and internationally?

The SE-3 Patroller was not designed to be street legal. Much like the Segway PT, the SE-3 Patroller belongs in pedestrian areas, not with road vehicles.

What does it weigh?

The unit weighs approximately 400 pounds.

What are its dimensions?

The SE-3 Patroller‘s footprint is 62” x 32” and it is 58” tall.

Does the unit have independent hub wheel motors or is it belt driven?

We designed the SE-3 Patroller with independent rear motors and gear-driven wheels.

Are the motors brushless?

Of course!

Is the SE-3 Patroller weather-resistant?

Yes, which is another advantage over other 3-wheel products currently in the market.

Do riders stand only or is there an optional seat?

There is no seat. Riders are expected to stand on the SE-3 Patroller.

What is the lead time for units?

Our first shipments will begin in June. There is already strong demand, so pre-order now to reduce your lead time.

Is the SE-3 available outside the police and security markets?

No. Like the i2 SE and x2 SE Patrollers, the SE-3 Patroller is available strictly for the public safety market.

Is availability in Canada delayed pending CSA approval? What about Europe?

No, the SE-3 Patroller will be available to ship to Canada in June as well. The SE-3 Patroller will be available to ship to Europe shortly thereafter.

What is the warranty?

The SE-3 Patroller comes with a 1-year, 3,000 mile factory warranty — whichever comes first.

Is onsite training still required when selling the product?

Face-to-face training is not required, though our dealers understand that this a good service to provide upon delivery.

Will Segway offer SE-3 service training classes?

Yes. Look for more details on this soon.

Will it be necessary to send the SE-3 Patroller to a Segway service center for service?

The SE-3 Patroller was designed to be field serviceable by the end user or local dealers.

Where is it manufactured?

Like the Segway PT, the SE-3 Patroller is built in and shipped from our Bedford, NH factory.

Will the unit come fully assembled?

Dealers will only need to install batteries. The SE-3 Patroller will arrive to end users fully assembled.

Does it ship palletized?

Yes, the SE-3 Patroller will ship on a pallet.

How do I arrange for an SE-3 Patroller demo?