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What does riding a Segway PT feel like?

How does it move? How does it balance?

Are Segway PTs legal in my state?

Is the Segway PT more efficient than a car?

Does a Segway PT fit in the trunk of a car?

Are there weight limits for the Segway PT?

How fast can the Segway PT travel?

How far can a Segway PT go on a single charge?

How do you charge a Segway PT?

Can I use the Segway PT in the rain?

What’s the Segway Smile?

What’s the InfoKey™ Controller?

Can I configure my own accessory packages?

Can you insure a Segway PT?

Does Segway, Inc still manufacture the first generation of Segway Personal Transporters (e167, i167, i170/180, XT/GT, p133)?

What can I use to clean my Segway PT?

Can I travel with my Segway PT? What about the lithium-ion batteries?

Where can I find my Segway PTs serial number?

How should I dispose of my old batteries from a Segway PT?

Can I reprogram my InfoKey controller?

Can the speed setting for a PT be locked?

How do I care for my Segway PT during the winter months?